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New Partnership Models for
Merchants to Generate Extra Income

We are glad to announce our partnership models to our existing merchants and
anyone looking to generate extra income.

Bonus Program To earn without any effort.

Sub-Iso Program To generate scalable revenue and earn monthly from the transactional revenue from your brought clients.

Bonus Program

At the initial stage, we recommend our bonus program, where you can refer any
business to us and earn lucrative bonuses without effort.

Refer a business and earn


Give 3 references per month and earn

$150 total + $100
(Addt'l bonus) = $250

Complete 5 references per month and earn

$250 total + $150
(Addt'l bonus) = $400

Complete 10 References per month and earn

$750 total + $150
(Addt'l bonus) = $1000

SUB-ISO Program

If you're looking to establish a substantial and scalable business with high-income potential, becoming a Sub-ISO could be a smart move. By creating your portfolio and boarding clients, you have the potential to earn significant revenue each month. This is a great opportunity to grow your business and establish a strong financial foundation. Sell the terminal at your price to have complete control over your revenue.

  • Sell the terminal at your price to have complete control over your revenue.
  • 15% monthly share on the transactional revenue from all your brought clients.
  • Complete 100 businesses to jump up the ladder for re-negotiated revenue share.
  • Focus just on leads and leave customer support to our dedicated team.
  • We assign a dedicated relationship manager to every client, assuring our claimed personalized support.

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