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Improve Customer Experience Quality By Outsourcing Email Support To BPO Bench!

We help the company grow from email support service by adding effective features like phone and live chat channels!

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Offering Email Support Services To The Whole World

We have a team of well-trained, highly qualified and experienced call center experts who provide effective non-voice support services along with email support services. Our email support specialists can respond to all your emails quickly and accurately. Our email support experts have received training in customer service, technical support, order fulfillment, reviews, and complete and upgrade solutions.

  • Improved connectivity
  • Better brand image
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Faster resolution of customer complaints
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When you outsource email support, we will strive to meet your performance standards, including contract response time, brand requirements, problem forwarding strategies, etc. If there are large transactions or unexpected problems on the site, we may even handle a large number of email support services. We are also responsible for forwarding emails about product experience, customer policies, order status or other factors to the most highly rated brand experts.

To ensure that our email responses meet our accepted standards, we have trained our representatives in email support services and procedures, and use quality control and training as needed to ensure high and consistent standards.

We have the ability to use the email response system or platform that best suits your business. We are one of the most recommended platforms that suits the needs of any business.

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Get 24/7 Email Support You Can Rely On

With unparalleled efficiency, fewer connections and our offshore model, we have reduced customer costs by 70% overall. Learn how we can cut costs for you! With a careful and highly skilled team, smart work model and continuous improvement, we have helped customers increase their satisfaction by 20%. Whether you want to manage a lot of people, or you want to build an excellent team that will increase the growth rate by 50%, or you want to improve your service level and strategy, we can meet all your needs!

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We ensure that all our email agents are self-assured and talented writers

Nothing is more important than guaranteeing that the emails are written professionally. This is why we are proud to hire only agents who are highly skilled writers. By contacting us, you can interview any of our available emails agents and check their work in order to see for yourself whether their English level matches your special needs or not.

At BPO bench, we believe that our experienced team of email writers will help you make the most of your email campaigns.

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Depending on the clientele the email support agency has, you can expect spend from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A professional agency offering email forwarding services ensures brand promotion. Such agencies also help you get leads and sales.

You can find tons of agencies online on the internet. However, opting for the best one is highly recommended.

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